National Bilby Day 2022

The bilby is the only Australian animal with an official gazetted day of celebration! This is because the bilby is so incredibly important as a flagship species – if they survive, so do many other threatened species and so they are the perfect critter to front biodiversity month in September.

It is National Bilby Day on the second Sunday of September – this year the 11th. Frank Manthey, led the campaign for this – the only gazetted day in Australia that celebrates one of our amazing native species.

Our bilby lovers find many ways to celebrate National Bilby Day. Many of you hold fundraisers at schools or clubs whereas others may hold bilby parties. Here are some ideas from our bilby loving community.

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Online Auction

We encourage you all to celebrate the bilby on this day! And this year we are incredibly lucky to be able to offer a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to bid on some fabulous bilby art.

Our friend, Ronelle Reid, was thrilled to return to Charleville as an artist in residence with Save the Bilby Fund and she was ecstatic to be awarded a Regional Arts Fund grant through Flying Arts Alliance to do this project, giving her a financial boost to travel out west and work closely with these iconic Aussie animals.

Ronelle loves and is committed to celebrating our national species through her art, and was determined to do something to support the bilby for National Bilby Day. After spending a week in Charleville and building lots of artistic resources through sketching and photographing her little muses at the Bilby Experience, Ronelle returned to her studio and created this stunning drawing that perfectly captures a group of bilbies. We are stoked that we can offer this original to be auctioned for the Fund, leading into this year’s National Bilby Day.

The bilby drawing is a 50cm x 70cm watercolour pencil drawing on mounted paper and framed in a Victorian Ash float frame titled “What is the collective noun for Bilbies?”

If you can, please help support the work of the Fund and save the bilby by bidding for this unique and adorable piece of art.

Or, if you would prefer to make a donation, we will send a limited edition print with a certificate of authenticity of this beautiful drawing to the first 30 bilby lovers who contribute $250 or more.

Our Bilby loving supporters

Chocolate Box online bilby chocs

The team at Chocolate Box again this year are also ready to help celebrate National Bilby Day. You can purchase chocolate bilbies and bilby hampers and bilby chocolates online.

And remember the Chocolate Box will donate to Save the Bilby Fund the following on purchases of Bilby products:

  • $1 for purchases under $20
  • $2 for purchases over $20
  • $5 for purchase over $50

THANK YOU Chocolate Box Team 💚

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Animalia Bilby garden art!

The great team at Animalia garden art have decided to go big this National Bilby Day and are over the moon to be offering Bilby Lovers and 25% off ALL bilby designs and a FREE mini Bilby with every order – PLUS the usual 10% donation of sales will be donated to Save the Bilby Fund

You guys at Animalia are the BEST 😍

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More fabulous and beautiful bilby items

Our wonderful community of bilby lovers are also getting involved – and you can too! Buy any of these beautiful bilby items and the Fund will again receive a donation.

Isabella Golighty designs has the most gorgeous bilby pattern to download. Susan, the owner, has supported us for years with her time and designs – Thank you Susan!

Click here

Earth Greetings natural bamboo bilbies are an absolute delight. They make great Easter and Christmas decorations but are also just perfect for National Bilby Day! They have supported the fund with a donation for all bilby product purchases for the last 5 years. Earth Greetings you rock!

Click here to see or buy beautiful Earth Greetings beautiful bilby items.

Not only are the SHP Family supporting us as a Mate of the Bilby, they also make a donation for all their bilby themed products. Their re-usable night day nappies and bilby beanies are just the cutest!

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National Bilby Day activities for kids..or the young at heart

Crochet anyone?

We have these adorable patterns for crocheting your own cute bilby or for a gift for a bilby lover in your life.

If you want to crochet to help raise money for National Bilby Day, then we often sell handmade bilbies in our online shop.

Crafters – we have ideas for you too!

Make a bilby out of paper plates and a cup or a nature bilby, made out of found items. Also here is where you can find your bilby crown for the winner of the poo hunt!

If you make these or try your own construction we definitely would love to see them! Don’t forget to share.

Authors and their wonderful books that support bilby conservation

The wonderful Kaye Kessing and Ali Garnett book – buy her book from our online shop.

Kris Sheather

Kris Sheather, the author of Bedtime Bilby, has been a very generous contributor to Save the Bilby Fund since 2017 when Kris publish Bedtime Bilby and has been donating to the fund ever since.

Click here to purchase from our online shop.

Lyn Blanch,  Save the bilby Fund supporter for many years, is a delightful children author and a long term supporter of bilby conservation.

This can also be bought in our online shop or click here to check out the author.