Teaching Materials

Teacher Resource Packs for each year level have been compiled as part of a third- year teaching course at James Cook University, as directed by Save the Bilby Fund. Initially an audit was conducted by students Michelle Hough and Michelle Rush to review existing teacher/education material available related to bilbies. The second audit, conducted by Lisa Baruto and Christopher Picone, identified gaps within existing resources so as to create new material. The project’s overall intention is to link teacher-appropriate resources based on the Australian Curriculum v7.5 with the Fund’s website, in order to assist teachers to be actively involved in our mission.

Our sincerest thanks and gratitude to James Cook University for providing the opportunity for these teacher resource packs to be developed and to students Michelle Houg, Michelle Rush, Lisa Barbuto and Christopher Picone for their hard work and commitment towards helping to save bilbies from extinction.



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Grade 6

We have a formal agreement with the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment to further develop and progress an exciting initiative to deliver interactive threatened species education programs via webinars using the Department’s OneChannel Platform.

This program provides the ability to reach more schools than ever before! We engage the audience with live animals, and encourage question and answer sessions, that are held with a wide variety of experts in their field of threatened species.

We have conducted two pilot sessions. Thanks to Dreamworld we presented one on World Environment Day, and involved zoo educators, a Tasmanian devil, bilby, mahogany glider and wombat. Feedback has been awesome, with schools from as far away as Birdsville in far western Queensland registered for the session.

Please stay tuned as we further develop this remarkable education tool. Our thanks to Lynley Stringer and her OneChannel team for their ongoing support.