Bilbies not bunnies this Easter!

You may remember, back in January we told you that our “Bilbies not bunnies” campaign which so many of you supported, encouraged Darrell Lea to restart production of their delicious chocolate bilby. Not only that but all over Australia they are stocked in one of the biggest supermarkets, Woolies!

Now finally everyone has the opportunity to choose a chocolate bilby over a bunny for their Easter in six years!

We are beyond grateful to all our bilby-lovers and of course to Darrell Lea, who have been so generous and kind.

However, this does not mean that we are any less proud and thankful for the support of Fyna Foods Pink Lady Chocolate who have stood behind us for the last seven years. Their donations over this time have directly contributed to our work to save the Bilby and they are very important to us for that reason.

For those of you that live rurally or want to buy fabulous chocolate hampers to send to friends and family interstate, we love our online partner, The Chocolate Box’s service and delivery. Click here to order your chocolate bilbies directly from them and they too will make a donation to us. They are such a delightful team to deal with.

And of course, now we are so glad to tell you that there are the special bilbies, for bilby lovers who choose not to eat animal products or exclude dairy or gluten. These bilbies are delicious and the drawing on the wrapping is just divine. They make wonderful and thoughtful gifts and are an online option too. Click here to see more, we receive a donation for the bilbies purchased.

Thank you for being part of our community, and for everything you already do for us. Here’s to chocolate bilbies not bunnies for everyone!

As promised, here are the non-sugary but just-as-sweet bilby Easter gifts, should you wish to give a bilby not a bunny this Easter!

Earth Greetings have supported the Fund for over 5 years now as they continue to donate to us $1 for every beautiful laser cut bilby decoration bought. If, like one of our team, you have an Easter tree they look beautiful hanging there with the chicks and the eggs! Click here to order.

Animalia are still celebrating Bilbies and not bunnies this year. They have a special offer on too! They have produced some cute mini-sized bilbies which you will get one free with every order (normally $25) – regardless of whether you order any of their bigger and just as delightful corton steel bilbies.

Now, in the run up to Easter, is the time to have bilbies in your garden! Animalia will donate 10% of sales from any of their Bilby designs ordered up until Easter Monday. Not only that but they are offering a bundle discount for all three bilby designs – $35 dollars off! All three are priced at just $130 for the group. And, of course, you will receive the mini bilby as well! To check out the Animalia bilbies and their whole range of Aussie backyard decorations Click here.

These beautiful bilby designs for the little ones from SHP benefit us all year round, as they make a gift every month to reflect their sales. Click here to purchase.

And we can’t go without a shout out to our own little online shop! All profit from purchases go directly to our work.

Whether you buy chocolate or non chocolate bilby gifts for friends and family, we hope that you have a happy bilby easter.