Bilbies have been spotted outside our fence area!!!

🙌🌱 An incredibly exciting update from the field 🙌🌱 BILBIES HAVE BEEN SPOTTED OUTSIDE OUR FENCED AREA! Read below for more information from our CEO, Kevin Bradley:
“In May of this year, I was driving back to my base at Currawinya, quite late at night after a busy evening checking the bilbies behind the predator exclusion fence. As I was coming down the Hungerford Road back to the Ranger station, I saw a familiar shape skipping along the dusty verge. At first, I thought, “What is that?” knowing full well what I was looking at—simply because I just I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“Sure enough, there was a bilby skipping down the side of the Hungerford Road—outside the sanctuary!
“I’ve been doing Bilby work for 20 or more years now, and this was my first bilby that I’ve ever seen in the wild—my skin was on fire, I was elated with what I was seeing.
“It is a brilliant achievement, and we wouldn’t be at this stage without our supporters.”
Since this sighting, outside the fence we found evidence of bilbies living including burrows, feed scrapes and bilby prints.
HOWEVER along with bilby tracks, we have seen an increase in cat tracks—a 1,000% increase since September last year. It is vital now that we keep the cats at bay, to give the resilient bilby a chance to continue to grow in numbers over the year ahead.
Feral cats are the biggest threat to our bilby population. These next months are crucial, we won’t be able to keep the cat threat at bay without you. So, if you are in a position to, please donate today:
More updates to come!