Save The Bilby Fund

Our Vision

Our vision is to save the bilby from extinction in our lifetime.

Our focus is to help build an insurance population of 10,000 bilbies in Australia by 2030.

We breed and release captive bilbies to a sanctuary surrounded by a predator exclusion fence in Currawinya National Park with the aim of building a population of 400 free-living bilbies.

The Fund

Save the Bilby Fund is a national charity launched on 28 March 1999 by the late Frank Manthey OAM and the late scientist Peter McRae to raise the money to build the fence in an effort to stop the steady decline of bilby numbers.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity, passion, commitment and transparency.


Our Team

CEO, Feral animal eradicator, Bilby researcher

Kev joined Save the Bilby Fund in 2002 and has been its CEO since 2014.

Immediately prior to his current role, Kev was the former Director of Veterinary Services and Animal Operations with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Queensland. His primary responsibilities included strategic planning and operational and administrative management of animal and veterinary operations for the RSPCA state wide.

Kev has made significant contributions to improving captive animal care and welfare as well as wildlife conservation outcomes through a well respected career in the Zoological Industry spanning 30 years. He is the current Chair of he Greater Bilby National Recovery Team and a member of the Greater Bilby Meta-population Management Sub-Committee.

  • Current Chair Greater Bilby National Recovery Team (2015- Current)
    • Greater Bilby Meta-population Management Sub-Committee Member (2015-Current)
  • Director- Center for Animal Welfare and Ethics (CAWE) University of Queensland (2012-Current)
  • Director of Veterinary Services and Animal Operations, RSPCA Queensland.
  • Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee member, RSPCA Queensland.
  • Former Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Life Sciences Dreamworld/Whitewater World, Gold Coast Australia.
  • Past President: Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria, Queensland Branch (ARAZPAQ).
  • Board Member: Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria (ARAZPA).
  • Founding Chairman: ARAZPA Accreditation Committee.
  • Appointed Representative to the Recreational and Commercial Animal Management Advisory Committee (RACAMAC) to the Minister for the Environment Queensland (2003–2007).
  • Zoological Industry Representative: Rural Industry Training Advisory Council, advising State and Federal Government training priorities.
  • Representative of the Animal Care and Management Working Group to develop qualification framework for the Captive and related Animal Care Sectors.
  • Board member: National Industry Steering Committee for the Animal Care and Management Training Package.
  • Representative of the captive animal sector/ Animal Care and Management Training Package 2003/ 2004. Course development – implementation and endorsement.
  • Convenor: National Zookeeper Education Working Group.
  • Committee Member: Course Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) for Cert III in Native Animal Rehabilitation.

General manager of CBE and Breeding and creche facilities, Bilby presenter and handler, Bilby breeding, Bilby zookeeper/records manager/licensing, Bilby welfare, Super bilby breeder, Merchandise manager.

Kat completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree at The University of Queensland before moving to Charleville for work. Her interest in species in need led her to the Charleville Bilby Experience as the logical next career move. She places a high priority on educating visitors about the bilbies and other native animals She believes it is paramount to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to see these endangered animals.

Supporter care and response, Mailchimp star, bUberer, animal licencing, general admin/merch purchasing, education talks, all rounder

Peggy Mucci has extensive experience working with wildlife and people. She has held professional positions as a wildlife carer/animal keeper, as a ranger, and as a designer and coordinator of educational programs. She has also worked as an environmental consultant and as an event coordinator. For many years Peggy served as a projects officer for the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia in the role of coordinating the zoo presence at Threatened Species Day, each September across eastern Australia.

Peggy provides advice and guidance in our work with other organisations, individuals and with government agencies. She manages the work of our Runaway Bay office, including our subscriber database and merchandise offering.

Sara, originally from the UK, lives in Brisbane and has been working part-time with the Save the Bilby Fund since late 2018.

Sara is working to ensure that the fund has enough income to carry out the steps needed to save the bilby. We have lost more income streams than we could brook and so we have had to quickly use her expertise in fundraising to plug the gaps.

A fundraising all-rounder, Sara is super pragmatic and determined for STBF to achieve sustainable growth, on a shoestring.

Our Board of Directors

Paul has been a director of Save the Bilby Fund since 2010 and helped implement their ‘Bilby Tracks’ citizen science trips to outback Queensland.

Rachel has been involved with Save the Bilby Fund from the early days of the fund and board director since 2015.

Board director since 2012.

Involved with Save the Bilby Fund for over 17 years.

How we spend your donations...

The Save the Bilby Fund is a tiny Australian registered charity which receives no recurrent government funding. We are totally reliant on the support and generosity of Australians to achieve our vision.

We are incredibly grateful for every gift, large or small and we understand your expectation that it should be spent directly on our work. As a tiny team who all work part-time from home or in the field we minimise expenditure where possible and seek only to cover our costs at each stage of delivering to the National Recovery Plan.

We dedicate our time and effort in these areas –

  • Our CEO, Kevin Bradley is Chair of the Greater Bilby Recovery Team
  • Monitoring of the predator exclusion fence at Currawinya National Park
  • Building the population of bilbies behind the fence to around 400
  • Breeding genetically diverse bilbies for release in Currawinya and other similar sanctuaries across Australia
  • Enabling critical bilby research
  • The Charleville Bilby Experience

History and Achievements


National appeal launched by Frank Manthey and Peter McRae to construct the Bilby Fence at Currawinya National Park



Save the Bilby Fund officially formed under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Queensland Government and the Murweh Shire Council



Bilby Fence officially opened by Environment Minister Dean Wells

Frank awarded Australian Geographic Conservationist of the Year



Dreamworld breeds Bilbies under Captive Breeding Agreement with the Queensland Government



First Bilby release into Currawinya Bilby Fence

National Bilby Day officially declared by Federal Minister for the Environment The Hon. Ian Campbell – the second Sunday in September



Dreamworld opens Bilby display

Griffith University engaged to survey Currawinya and PPBio plot research supported for environmental monitoring



The bilby fence is breached by feral cats



Frank Manthey awarded OAM for services to conservation

Ipswich Nature Reserve’s ‘Frank Manthey – Bilby Burrow’ display opened



Queensland Feral Animal Summit initiated by Save the Bilby Fund

Save the Bilby Fund granted Deductible Gift Recipient Status and added to the Australian Government Register of Environmental Organisations



Greater Bilby Recovery Summit 2015 initiated by Save the Bilby Fund with the National Interim Conservation Plan for the Greater Bilby developed and published

Save the Bilby Fund appointed Interim National Recovery Team Co-ordinator for the Greater Bilby – 2018 no longer interim



Indigenous Bilby Knowledge Festival supported by Save the Bilby Fund

Revised memorandum of understanding signed with the Queensland Government

The Bilby Channel launches on YouTube

The new Charleville Bilby Experience officially opened located at the historical Charleville train station

Inaugural Fur Ball and Dawnie Express steam train highlights in Charleville as part of fundraising for National Bilby Day

Citizen science surveys the first “2016 Bilby Tracks’ trip conducted in Currawinya National Park



National parks announcement of 750,000 to retro fit the bilby fence

Sept – MOU with National parks to take over the Charleville breeding facilities

Extensive update and revamp of the breeding facilities



Currawinya bilby fence major works begin … one panel at a time to ensure no feral cats are allowed into the fence

First Charleville bilby festival – street parade including the 3rd bilby ball and annual NBD celebrations

UQ PhD student, Cassandra Arkinstall begins her research of the upcoming bilby releases into the Currawinya bilby fence



April – First release of 6 pioneer bilbies back into the Currawinya fence

June – first babies of the pioneer bilbies are sighted

July – Tail tracker appeal to raise money to purchase tail trackers to monitor and understand behaviour of released animals

Sept – second group of 20 bilbies released in the fence



March – Bilbie not Bunnies petition opens

March – COVID-19 hits

April – Unable to open the Charleville Bilby Experience

May – Preliminary estimate of bilby population in Currawinya deemed to be 60 – 80 bilbies

August– 6 more young adults released to Currawinya

Nov – Appeal launched to upgrade breeding facilities



March – Our first ever giving day

May – Estimate population of bilbies in Currawinya over 200

October – Breeding facility update completed

October – Boullia to Birdsville survey